April 16th, 6-8pm

2013-03-14-Crowdlounge goes IHK-v0.3The conference will kick-off with a Crowdlounge which focusses on three crowdinvesting projects from Berlin and their crowdfunding campaigns.

The event his held in German language, translation cannot be provided. The kick-off event is free of charge but registration is necessary (Click this link).

  • 5.30pm Doors Open
  • 6.00pm Welcome by representative of IHK Berlin, Wetek, Kompetenzzentrum Kreativwirtschaft
  • 6.15pm Open Discussion with start-ups and lawyer with expertise in IPR
    • Raban von Buttler, lawyer
    • Oliver Lünstedt – Start-Up Carzapp, funded at Seedmatch
    • Florian Spathelf – Start-Up, funded at Companisto
    • Andreas Guba – Start-Up Sonnenrepublik, funded at Innovestment
  • 8.00pm Networking

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April 17th, 9am-5pm

The conference itself will feature keynotes and panel discussions. Tickets can be bought here.


  • 8.30 Doors Open
    9.00 Karsten Wenzlaff (ikosom) – Opening
    9.05 Christian Wiesenhütter (IHK Berlin) – Welcome
    9.20 Epirot Ludvik Nejak (Crowdsourcing Week ) – From Warsaw, Amsterdam via Berlin to Singapor
  • 9.30
    Crowdinvesting Regulation in Germany and Europe – competitive advantage for the future?

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    9.30 Oliver Gajda (European Crowdfunding Network) – Intro
    9.35 Daniela Castrataro (Twintangibles) – CF Regulation in Italy
    9.50 Guido Sandler (Bergfürst) – CF Regulation in Germany –Crowdfunding Marketplaces
    10.05 Tobias Riethmüller (GSK) – CF Regulation in Germany- Loans and other investment vehicles
    10.25 Fabien Risterucci (FPF) – CF Regulation in France

  • 10.30
    Can Crowdinvesting boost the entrepreneurial landscape in Germany and in Europe?


    11.00 Karsten Wenzlaff (ikosom) – Intro
    11.05 Michael Eis (Boomerang) – CF Strategies for Growth Financing
    11.15 Christin Friedrich (Innovestment) – CF for Technology Companies
    11.25 David Rhotert (Companisto) – CF as a Marketing Tool
    11.35 Raphael Otten (United Equity) – CF for Medium-Sized Companies
    11.45 Dana Schramm (Seedmatch) – Benefits of Long CF Campaign
    11.55 Gijsbert Koren (Douw&Koren) – CF in Two Markets

  • CC-BY Kennymatic

  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.00
    Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting – what are future trends and expectations? The potential for SME’s, entrepreneurs & social initiatives

    13.10 Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke (ikosom) – Intro
    13.15 Dennis Brüntje, Anja Solf (TU Ilmenau) – CF and Co-Creation – Fruitful interconnections?

    Can Civic Crowdinvesting be used to finance public infrastructure? Crowdfunding for media enterprises, museums, theaters, libraries, bridges, houses.


    13.35 Steffen Boller (LeihDeinerStadtGeld) – Civic Crowdlending
    13.50 Ronald Kleverlaan (webclusive) – CF Public Infrastructure
    14.05 Peer Piske ( – CF Energy Infrastructure
    14.20 Michael Gebert (Marketing Society) – Risks of CF Public Infrastructure
    14.35 Karol Krol ( – CF in Emerging Markets

  • 15:00

    15.00 Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (ikosom/Gumpelmedia) – Intro

    Crowdfunding and Cofinancing – will they revolutionize public cultural funding?

    15.05 Max Valentin (Crowdculture) – Co-Financing and Crowdsourcing Public Funding

    Crowdfunding in the Creative Industries? – Will Crowdfunding Revolutionize how artists make their living?


    15.20 Michael Bogatzki (Sellaband) – How CF will revolutionize the Creative Industries
    15.35 David Heberling (Pling) – CF and Cooperation with public institutions
    15.45 Konrad Lauten (inkubato) – CF and Cooperation with cultural institutions

    Can Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing and OpenInnovation replace tradtional marketing? Crowdfunding as a Marketing Tool

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    16.15 Reinhard Willfort (1000× – Open Innovation and CF
    16.30 Epirot Ludvik (Ludvikplus) – Crowdsourcing Revolution

  • 16.45 Closing remarks


April 17th, 6-8pm

The dinner will allow further networking and connection to speakers, platforms, partners and sponsors. The participation at the Dinner is invite-only.